Recycling and Waste

Recycling and Waste Companies

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ElrodElectronics LLC

 Our success is measured by the positive testimonials from satisfied customers who commend our professionalism, quick turnaround, and lasting quality repairs. ... more »

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  • green computers –
  • green mobile phones
Binate Digital

 Supercharge your online strategy with Binate Digital, your trusted partner for digital marketing outsourcing services. Our expert team crafts tailored solutions ... more »

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  • renew technology –
  • green software

Pacific Environmental Inc. Pacific Environmental Inc.

We are leaders in providing environmental compliance products in America. Not only that, but we are also the fastest growing company.  This includes anything ... more »

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  • storm water management –
  • stormwater management
Green Arrow Recycling Green Arrow Recycling

Green Arrow Recycling is a local, Veteran owned recycling facility located in Katy, TX. We primarily focus on post industrial recycling materials from commercial ... more »

  • recycling
iReuse iReuse

iReuse aims at offering our expertise in operating a wide variety of sustainability programs, such as energy efficiency plan, resource conservation, waste and carbon ... more »

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  • sustainability –
  • green business
Primeline Packaging Primeline Packaging

At PrimeLine Packaging, we are leaders and pioneers in custom printed bags, boxes, and packaging. We were since we began over 60 years ago and we're still redefining ... more »

  • reusable bags –
  • reusable shopping bags –
  • Biodegradable Packaging
Techopost - Technology News Today

 Welcome to Techopost, the ultimate destination for unparalleled blogging services. As the premier Techopost Blogging Services Site, we specialize in crafting ... more »

  • renew technology –
  • green software –
  • printer cartridge recycling
Twisted Limb Paperworks Twisted Limb Paperworks

We are a handmade paper invitations company and our products are guaranteed to delight, inspire and enchant your guests into another world of wonder, amazement ... more »

  • organic –
  • natural –
  • ecofriendly
Green Earth Services, LLC.

Green Earth Services provides commercial and residential recycling and waste management services to the Washington DC metropolitan area.... more »

  • Electronics Recycling –
  • Environment Friendly –
  • Green
A Recycling Revolution

Recycling Revolution is dedicated to providing you with sustainable clear cut information and advice on ways that you can help the environment while having fun ... more »

  • organic –
  • sustainable –
  • environment
Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson is great excellent, we were having a hard time finding someone who would take our sustainable paper, and were rejected by many other local recycling ... more »

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  • recycle –
  • recycling center - Green Textbooks - Green Textbook specializes in the sustainable recycling of textbooks and CDs/DVDs. Buying sustainable recycled textbooks is not only saves ... more »

  • green –
  • environment –
  • eco
GreenSpark Energy Solutions

GreenSpark Energy Solution delivers and manages leading-edge green energy-efficiency solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-tenant residential ... more »

  • conservation –
  • energy efficiency –
  • green buildings
Junk Removal Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Junk Removal Services is a family owned business that you can count on if you need someone to deal with junk in your house that you want to go. ... more »

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  • office recycling companies –
  • home recycling

Scrap Monster offers scrap prices, recycling news, scrap metal prices, scrap business to business, recycling suppliers directory, news on paper recycling, copper ... more »

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  • Recycle
BIOgroupUSA (BioBag)

BioBag is the World's largest selling brand of certified, 100% biodegradable bags and films.... more »

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  • environment –
  • environmentally friendly
GreenSense General Store

GreenSense General Store offer Earth-friendly eco-gifts, sustainably-made, often from recycled materials. We grew out of our efforts to educate ourselves and our ... more »

  • sustainable –
  • environmental –
  • ecological

Consulting about paper usage.Conservatree has extensive experience analyzing companies' paper usage and providing recommendations for environmentally sound substitutions. ... more »

  • Environmental –
  • Recycled Products

Alab Environmental Services Ltd is a multiple role and adaptable green waste management organization built on total reliability and respect for the environment. ... more »

  • environmental –
  • recycled –
  • green business
Acorn Designs

Acorn Designs has been creating environmental-friendly paper products such as note cards, journals, stationery and organic cotton since 1981. We remain enthusiastic ... more »

  • sustainable –
  • organic cotton –
  • recycled paper
Grey' Greetings

Grey's Greetings is proud to introduce a stunning colorful line of sweet and sassy eco-friendly greeting cards, imprintable and thank you cards with witty puns ... more »

  • green –
  • ecofriendly –
  • recycled
Gaston's Tree Debris Recycling

Gaston’s Tree Debris Recycling Service began in north central Florida in the hot July of 1972. We collect, process, and recycle of trees, land clearing and ... more »

  • recycled –
  • recycling program –
  • waste mangement
Biosphere Industries

Biosphere Industries is a manufacturer of organic biodegradable packaging and biodegradable bake ware. Our organic packaging products are a new family of affordable, ... more »

  • biodegradable packaging –
  • eco friendly packaging –
  • sustainable packaging
Ecologic Designs

Environmentally friendly product design, sourcing and manufacturing.Ecologic Designs specializes in waste stream solutions in the form of environmentally friendly ... more »

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  • Nonclothing Products –
  • Recycled Products
wavyo LLC

Wavyo designs simple, versatile, eco-friendly bags for living green! All wavyo products are limited edition art work (only 100), using recycled materials, made ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Buy Green –
  • Ecofriendly
Green Culture

Comprehensive selection of composters and compost bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, recycling tools, water saving devices, rainbarrels and ecological yard and ... more »

  • Biodegradable –
  • Biodegradeable –
  • Compost Bin

Recycled office supplies and recycled office supply including recycled office products, recycled office furniture and recycled office paper.... more »

  • Environmental –
  • Recycle –
  • Recycled

Comprehensive selection of composters and compost bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, recycling tools, water saving devices, rainbarrels and ecological yard and ... more »

  • Biodegradable –
  • Biodegradeable –
  • Compost Bin
Trash to Treasure Florida

Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing waste by collecting clean... more »

  • Environmental –
  • Green –
  • Green Consulting
Csiplastics, Inc.

Guaranteed recyclable, strong, large capacity, reusable shopping bag made from recycled materials. Sturdy, eco-friendly and THE BETTER BAG for the environment.... more »

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  • Green –
  • Recyclable

Recycling and Waste Products

67 listed

Custom Garment Eco Bags Custom Garment Eco Bags

Couture eminence clothing deserves a designer package. Prime-line Packaging Custom Garment Eco Bags are a fashion forward way to make an impact with your brand, ... more »

  • Environmentally Friendly Bags –
  • Recycled Bags –
  • Ecobags
Green iReuse

Every day, your business is wasting precious resources as well as energy, water, fuel, and materials. These lost resources increase your monthly operating costs ... more »

  • Building –
  • Buildings –
  • Business
Twisted Limb Beer Organic Paper

Twisted Limb Beer Organic Paper is carefully crafted and distilled into four rich and frothy colors amber, wheat, pilsner, and porter. This is made with recycled ... more »

  • Beer –
  • Gift –
  • Invitations
A Green Recycling Revolution A Green Recycling Revolution

Are you a seasoned recycler and want to learn more? Would you like to help educate your family and friends? Do you want to be a recycler, but have no idea how to ... more »

  • Recycling –
  • Computer Recycling –
  • Electronic Recycling
Green Recycled Hand Art & Bags Green Recycled Hand Art & Bags

Green Recycled Hand Art & Bags are Handmade into beautiful inspired designer Recycled Purses. We make scraps of cloths transformed into useful and elegant Recycled ... more »

  • Environmentally Friendly Hand Bags –
  • Recycled Bags –
  • Recycled Hand Bags
Liquid Waste Extractor Liquid Waste Extractor

At GreenSpark, we provide top energy efficiency technology solutions for all industries and buildings in North America. Our current favourite is the Liquid Waste ... more »

  • Recycled –
  • Recycle –
  • Recycling
Recycling Competitions for Students Recycling Competitions for Students

Here at the Association of Ohio Recyclers, we work together to strengthen Ohio’s Economy through waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. We like to brings ... more »

  • Recycled –
  • Recycled Bag –
  • Recycle
All you can Recycle All you can Recycle

At Paper Dragon Recycling, we are there to help you with everything you can recycle.  We are passionate about recycling. If you recycled everyday, you could ... more »

  • Recycle –
  • Recycling –
  • Recycling Solutions
Junk Removal Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Junk Removal Services is a family owned business that you can count on if you need someone to deal with junk in your house that you want to go. ... more »

  • Home Recycling –
  • Industrial Recycled Furniture –
  • Organic Waste
Waste Cost Reduction Waste Cost Reduction

About 90% of all companies are overspending on their waste disposal and recycling costs. Here at Recyclaholics, we have a great waste cost reduction service that ... more »

  • Recycle –
  • Disposing Green Waste –
  • Disposal Of Green Waste
Myths about Recycling Paper Myths about Recycling Paper

Here at Conservatree, we are a reliable and trusted source when it comes or providing you with information about environmental and recycled papers. Sadly there ... more »

  • Recycled Paper –
  • Recycled Wood –
  • Recycled
Upcycling and Recycling Upcycling and Recycling

One of our services here at Eco Designs is Upcycling and Recycling. Upcyclng is when a material's second life is more valuable than its first life - hence it's ... more »

  • Recycled –
  • Recycle –
  • Recycling
Recycle your old Textbooks Recycle your old Textbooks

At GreenTextbooks, we're all about recycling your old textbooks and even your used books, DVDs and CDs. We know this does not only save you money, but also contributes ... more »

  • Recycled Book Shop –
  • Recycled Paper –
  • Recycled
Eco-friendly Hummingbirds Stationery Eco-friendly Hummingbirds Stationery

Giving an entirely new meaning to the term Go Green this Eco-friendly Hummingbirds Stationery is   printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. It has ... more »

  • Recycled Paper –
  • Recycled Stationery –
  • Environmental Paper
Natural Green Environmentally Friendly Carpet Natural Green Environmentally Friendly Carpet

Natural Green Environmentally Friendly Carpet can satisfy multi-level loop style with a quiet delight any time of year. Our Eco Carpet makes a great area rug for ... more »

  • Eco Carpets –
  • Environmentally Friendly Carpets –
  • Green Carpets
BioBag Dog Waste Bags BioBag Dog Waste Bags

Now carrying your BioBag dog waste bags is much more convenient. The bags are wonderful for pockets, purses and popular dog bag dispensers. We offer bulk dog waste ... more »

  • Ecobags –
  • Recyclable Bag –
  • Green Bag
Tan Braided Stud Eco Backpack Tan Braided Stud Eco Backpack

This bag features accent strips including an extremely important braid, gunmetal pyramid studs, rhinestones and cone studs. Our Tan Braided Stud Eco Backpack also ... more »

  • Green Bags –
  • Recycled Bags –
  • Fair Trade Bags

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