Energy Companies

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The American Institute of Renewable Energy (AIRE)

are an Alternate Energy Research, Development Training, and Technology Company. Our passion and commitment is to develop a skilled and professional workforce to ... more »

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  • renewable energy education –
  • solar training
Environmental-jobs Environmental-jobs

Environmental -jobs is a comprehensive environmental-friendly and green job listing and career information site. It is manage by the Environmental Career Center ... more »

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  • sustainability –
  • green building

Superior Lighting

Lighting is a wholesale distributor of light bulbs. We have a massive selection of energy saving light bulbs, downlights, CFLs, LEDs and lighting fixtures.  ... more »

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  • energy efficient lighting
NiteLites of Outdoor Lighting

NiteLites, we are an an industry leader since 1992. We specialize in energy efficient low voltage outdoor landscape and architectural lighting. We perform installations ... more »

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  • grow lights –
  • energy efficient lighting
iReuse iReuse

aims at offering our expertise in operating a wide variety of sustainability programs, such as energy efficiency plan, resource conservation, waste and carbon emissions ... more »

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  • sustainability –
  • green business
Environmental Systems Environmental Systems

Environmental Systems carry sustainable High Technology Healthy Living products that will make a difference. Check out our green site and explore the 3 categories ... more »

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  • minerals
The Natural Abode The Natural Abode

lifestyle.  We have low VOC - Volatile Organic Compound - paints and finishes. We also feature natural flooring, energy efficient solutions, natural latex ... more »

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  • ecofriendly furniture –
  • green products
Better Bulb Better Bulb

Better Bulb are eco cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) bulbs. These eco bulbs are similar to compact fluorescents but have several advantages yet they are very affordable ... more »

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  • conservation –
  • global warming
Eco Sun Systems LLC Eco Sun Systems LLC

acceptable way to do business. Our goal is to help your home or business to be as efficient as possible in its use of energy. If you need help for green Phoenix ... more »

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  • energy alternatives
Energy Info For You

Info For You - Information on Green Energy Alternatives and Renewable Energy including wind, solar, bio and hybrid technologies. Energy Info For You offers Energy ... more »

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  • Alternative Fuel –
  • Alternative Fuels

Solar Energy specializes in commercial, residential and public sector turnkey, grid-connected solarpower systems. With over 25 years of experience within the roofing ... more »

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  • Alternative Energy –
  • Clean Energy

Independently published since 1987, Home Power magazine and are resources dedicated to small-scale renewable energy and sustainable living technol... more »

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  • Clean Technology
HOPE Biofuels

Biofuels launched in 2008 and we are a Clean Energy company that working on emission-free source of hydrogen, renewable energy, Eco solar energy for the planet ... more »

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  • solar power home –
  • energy alternatives
Energy Conscious Consultant

Energy efficient homes are a goal everyone can achieve. I provide tips and alternatives to help you become energy efficient, how to save money, and achieve you ... more »

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  • Energy –
  • Energy Conservation

Solar was founded by David Katz in 1979 as Alternative Energy Engineering with the goal of bringing renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses in the ... more »

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  • solar power
Eco Home

historic green home incorporates solar hot water heating, photovoltaic panels, ultra low flow water systems and other energy and water conservation measures. This ... more »

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  • solar power home –
  • energy alternatives
Advanced Home Energy

Home Energy is a developer of energy efficient homes and green building in the San Francisco Bay area. Providing sustainable energy efficiency upgrades for homes ... more »

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  • energy efficient home –
  • home energy

News and Commentary on the Evolving Law, Science, and Policy of Renewable Energy Development... more »

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  • Biomass
New Energy World Network

and cleantech latest news, views and analysis for global clean energy investor community: institutional investors, private equity and venture capital managers, ... more »

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  • Alternative Energy –
  • Biofuel

Ascent Solar's innovative photovoltaic products optimize energy conversion in the electromagnetic spectrum, providing clean energy to BIPV, EIPV, defense, space, ... more »

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  • solar panel

planet, we still need to create more efficient eco-friendly products and buildings as well as find cleaner energy sources. Greenprogress features the newest advances ... more »

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  • alternative energy –
  • environmental news
Community Environmental Council

CEC in Santa Barbara is an environmental nonprofit focused on energy efficiency, alternative transportation, and renewable energy. We work at the grassroots and ... more »

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  • Earth Day –
  • Environmental

Alternative energy is a crucial topic in our world today. Find out the latest on solar,wind,bio fuels, biodiesel, hybrid, electric cars and more... more »

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  • Carbon Credits

Visit Windpower Monthly for the latest wind energy, renewable energy & wind industry business, policy & economics... more »

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  • Sustainable Energy

The nation's leading home energy efficiency experts and Western Montana's most knowledgeable and experienced home energy audit and consulting company... more »

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  • Energy Consultant
Carroll Energy Solutions

We perform home energy audits to identify problems and provide cost-effective solutions for residential energy use in Philadelphia and throughout the Delaware V... more »

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  • solar energy

small wind turbines are a smart investment for many looking to invest in wind power. Wind energy from Bergey wind turbines will lower your monthly expenses, increase ... more »

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  • clean energy –
  • wind turbines

CleanEdge home about us summit reports index news spotlight reports Clean Edge publishes periodic reports on clean technology issues for innovators and investors. ... more »

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  • Biomass
Greener Alternatives - Renewable & Alternative Ene

Greener Alternatives is here to promote awareness of alternative energy and renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, and other green energy. Contact ... more »

  • Alternative Energy –
  • Energy Conservation –
  • Environmental Jobs
Segue To Solar

to the world of solar energy products - for the environmentSolar and renewable energy products for environmentalist in all of us... like solar lights for the home ... more »

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  • Conservation

Energy Products

81 listed

Home Eco Lighting System Home Eco Lighting System

Home Eco Lighting System is a fabulous way to distinguish your home while making it more inviting and secure. Investing in a sustainable lighting system creates ... more »

  • Green Lighting –
  • Energy Efficient Lighting –
  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Eco Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit can plan root causes of comfort problems, high efficiency bills, and wasted energy. There are two keys to a great home energy audit it must be ... more »

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  • Energy Consultants –
  • Energy
Eco Fluorescent Tubes Plant and Aquarium Eco Fluorescent Tubes Plant and Aquarium

Eco Fluorescent Tubes Plant and Aquarium bulbs have a unique spectral range designed to enhance growth of indoor and aquatic plants. The color of the lamp also ... more »

  • Energy Alternatives –
  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs –
  • Led Light Bulb
Green iReuse

processes, decreasing demand for resources like energy, fuel, water, and materials. Their program include: • Energy Efficiency • Waste Reduction • ... more »

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  • Buildings –
  • Business
Eco Switch40 Bulb Eco Switch40 Bulb

Eco Switch40 Bulb can be used in dry or wet environment and in nearly any fixture, including recessed and enclosed applications-to provide full, warm light wherever ... more »

  • Green Lighting –
  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs –
  • Led Light Bulb
Sustainable LaundryPure 4G

fibers, leaving towels softer and fluffier, and clothes brighter and cleaner. Additional, every load helps save your energy and money. Decreasing or eliminating ... more »

  • Cleaning –
  • Clothes –
  • Effective
Eco Green Power Chargers Eco Green Power Chargers

Green Power Chargers allows you to set yourself free from relying on wall plugs or car chargers with Energy Saver Chargers and Solar Charged Portable devices, which ... more »

  • Renewable Energy –
  • Green Energy –
  • Solar Energy
Eco Green Savers Eco Green Savers

Green Savers has a wide range of sources for Green Energy, Eco-Friendly, smart, Energy & Water Conservation Products and Energy Solutions. Purchase Solar Panels, ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Eco Inverters And Batteries –
  • Solar Panels
Solar Garden Roof Solar Garden Roof

more advanced. This is because the water stored in the plant efficiently cools by evaporation. Hence, the roof top solar energy systems produce more reliable power ... more »

  • Solar Power –
  • Solar Energy –
  • Solar Energy Installation
Energy Efficient and Green Energy Consultants Energy Efficient and Green Energy Consultants

have been supplying the knowledge and the energy solutions for builders, government agencies, utilities, trade associations and developers through our experienced ... more »

  • Eco Energy Consultants –
  • Renewable Energy –
  • Energy Efficiency
Efficient Clean Renewable Home Energy Efficient Clean Renewable Home Energy

home energy system is of paramount important. When it comes to heating and cooling your home, there are a variety of points to consider. They will make you consider ... more »

  • Sustainable Energy Supply –
  • Energy Efficiency –
  • Energy Efficiency
Excel 10kW Wind Turbine Excel 10kW Wind Turbine

great renewable energy product is designed for high reliability. The Excel 10kW Wind Turbine is a modern 23 foot diameter, 10 kW wind turbine crafted for low maintenance, ... more »

  • Sustainable Energy Supply –
  • Renewable Energy –
  • Energy Efficiency
Bats & Wind Sustainable Energy Bats & Wind Sustainable Energy

change and the economic and environmental costs of fossil fuels, wind has developed into a popular source of alternative energy. Wind-generated eco electricity ... more »

  • Sustainable Energy Supply –
  • Energy Efficiency –
  • Energy Efficient
Laars Mascot II Boilers Laars Mascot II Boilers

costs. It requires very simple and easy zero-clearance installation. It features optimized gas usage for smaller energy bills via 20% to 100% input modulating gas ... more »

  • Energy –
  • Renewable Energy –
  • Green Energy
The Latest Green Tech and Environmental News The Latest Green Tech and Environmental News

Green Progess, we have the latest in Alternative energy, Green and Eco Transportation, Green and energy efficient building and the Environment. Probably one ... more »

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  • Solar Energy Panel Providers
DMSolar Green Soalr Energy Designs DMSolar Green Soalr Energy Designs

Green Soalr Energy Designs has built and deployed Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Energy Solutions throughout the world as a USA-based Solar Panel Providers ... more »

  • Renewable Energy Consultants –
  • Solar Panels –
  • Renewable Energy
Sedna Aire Solar Air Conditioner Sedna Aire Solar Air Conditioner

SEER rating before applying solar technology and grow to as much as 32 SEER, the amount of growth is dependent upon the energy supplied by your locations environment, ... more »

  • Solar Installation –
  • Solar Power –
  • Solar Heating

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