Animals Companies

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Humane Society of Huron Valley

Society of Huron Valley dedicates to promoting respect for all life and preventing cruelty to animals since 1896 as tje animal care and animal conserbation. ... more »

  • animal welfare –
  • humane shelter –
  • animal sanctuary
Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

provided a home for life. It is not our policy to engage in captive breeding for the purposes of selling or trading of animals. It is our belief that animals belong ... more »

  • animal welfare –
  • animal sanctuary
Guardians For Animals

For Animals is a non-profit that helps small green rescue organizations in need thus they may continue their heroic efforts to save animals on "death row" in local ... more »

  • animal welfare –
  • animal rights
Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch

at The Wildlife Center, we are not a zoo. In fact, unlike most zoos, we have a goal to release all the animals kept back into the wild - where they truly belong.  ... more »

  • animal sanctuary
Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary

( Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue and  Equine Sanctuary ) take in abused, abandoned, mistreated, unwanted animals that need a sustainable loving home ... more »

  • animal welfare –
  • humane shelter –
  • animal sanctuary
Native Wildlife Solutions

Native Wildlife Solutions, we are here to solve problems. We don't harm animals as we are 100% humane in our animal exclusion.  Between our team, we have a ... more »

  • vegan business
Animal Rights Coalition

Animal Rights Coalition - the oldest and most successful animal rights group in MinnesotaFor over 25 years, ARC has been dedicated to ending the suffering, abuse, ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian –
  • animal rights
Animal Friend's Connection

and promoting Spaying and Neutering to the public. We provide Medical and general care as well as spay and neuter to the animals in our foster home or rescue network ... more »

  • humane shelter
Animal Aid Society

and act as a placement agency for dogs in good health. We also offer education for the humane care and treatment of animals.  All funds needed to provide for ... more »

  • humane shelter
Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

have the right to live their lives free of exploitation founded on the principle that animals have the right to live their lives free of exploitation, abuse and ... more »

  • animal rights
Zia & Tia Pure Luxury Organics

and children, unique vintage style dresses, sweaters, hats, shoes and blankets.  We also have hand knit soft Toy Animals and Dolls. These lovely items come ... more »

  • ecofriendly –
  • organic cotton clothing –
  • organic cotton clothes
Tennessee River Rescues

goal is  to  to adopt out or find rescue groups to place these animals in good homes.  Our team here area all hard working animal lovers passionate ... more »

  • humane shelter –
  • animal cruelty –
  • green association
Totten Family Farm

We have a strict routine with our rotational grazing methods. All our poultry are free range so what we are giving our animals is a constant fresh supply of grass ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • meat
Cantrell Farms

Farms are dedicated to raising our livestock in a natural and healthy way. None of our sustainable animals are put in small cages or bad environments. From our ... more »

  • certified organic –
  • organic meat –
  • organic dairy
Animal Advocates of the Inland Northwest

Animal Advocates accomplishes its work on behalf of animals, animal rights and welfare through public education, peaceful demonstrations, letter writing and petitioning, ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian –
  • animal rights
Esperanza Threads

Esperanza Threads sells a wide selection of organic clothing. Our organic product has No pesticides, chlorine bleach and toxic dyes are used in the quality, long-lasting, ... more »

  • organic cotton –
  • wholesaler –
  • fairtrade
Trautman Family Farm

We are a Certified Organic Farm featuring Grass fed Beef, pastured Pork and pastured Poultry. We're located just minutes away from Madison, outside beautiful ... more »

  • organic meat –
  • organic dairy –
  • organic beverages
Fluit Family Farms

Fluit Family Farms is a small family organic farm that grows 100% grass-fed and finished beef. We grow Certified Organic hay and grains. Our organic beef is available ... more »

  • organic meat
Springfield Vegetarian Association

We are the Springfield Vegetarian Association and we began in June of 1995. We have been providing education and support for in our local community who are been ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian –
  • raw food
Carolyn Raiman, CA

Carolyn Raiman, NJ Board Certified Acupuncturist--Acupuncture and Herbal MedicineCarolyn Raiman, CA is a NJ Board Certified Acupuncturist.  Trained at Eastern School ... more »

  • Medicinal Herbs
Art of Tammy Grimes/Little Girl Looking

Little Girl Looking, the Art of Tammy Grimes, shows and sells art for animal and enivironmental advocates and activists, animal art, chained dog art.... more »

  • Eco Art –
  • Eco Art Craft –
  • Craft Eco

Starr Valley Farm

At Starr Valley Farm, we specialize in Certified Organic and 100% Grass Fed Cattle. We can guarantee that what you'll get is tasty, delicious and juicy meat ... more »

  • organic meat

Animals Products

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Animal Green Advocates Animal Green Advocates

non-profit 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization established in 1991 to help end the abuse and exploitation of non-human animals. Their members include students, professionals ... more »

  • Animal Care –
  • Animal Care –
  • Animals
Green Animal Friend Society Green Animal Friend Society

Spaying and Neutering to the public. They provide sustainable Medical and general care as well as spay and neuter to the animals in their foster home or rescue ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Animals –
  • Animal Welfare
Green Animal Protection Green Animal Protection

media attention, influenced animal protection legislation, conducted numerous rescues of abused factory farmed animals and educated 10,000 of individuals about ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Animals –
  • Animal Rights
Animal Rescue Group Animal Rescue Group

Guardians For Animals, we are dedicated to helping rescue and save the lives of the abused, neglected and homeless animals. Just last year, we have helped ... more »

  • Animal Care –
  • Animals –
  • Animal Welfare
Trautman Organic Farm

Wisconsin. As a certified organic farm, they raise crops such as hay, corn, small grains that is use to feed the animals. They make sure that their animals eat ... more »

  • Organic Eggs –
  • Certified Organic –
  • Organic
Ecofriendly Humane Society

Humane society's mission is to support animals in the community by ensuring proper care and nurture, providing them with homes in families, reducing the over multiplication ... more »

  • Animal –
  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Animals
Fluit Organic Farm

as toxic fertilizers and never raise genetically modified organisms. They provide a stress free environment for their animals and do not inject them with hormones ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Farm –
  • Meat
Springfield Organic Vegetarian Association

impact on our health. However, we also tend to ignore that this also begets ugly consequences to the environment, to the animals as well as the planet’s natural ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Meat –
  • Natural
Environmental Animal Ark

effort to build every animal enclosure with native trees, boulders, and vegetation to reproduce natural habitat. All animals receive activities to help break up ... more »

  • Animal –
  • Animal Sanctuary –
  • Animals
Save Texan Animals Save Texan Animals

Medical Examiners currently poses a threat  to derail the no-kill achievements of Austin. We want to save Texan animals from this threat. The fast progress ... more »

  • Natural Wilderness –
  • Animals –
  • Wildlife Conservation
Animal Rights Green Coalition Animal Rights Green Coalition

Green Coalition is the first and most successful animal rights organization in Minnesota, with over 3 decades of helping animals. They focus on spreading the word ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Animal Rights –
  • Animal Abuse
Cantrell Organic Farm

Organic Farm is a family owned farm that produces livestock using the natural and organic method. Foods given to the animals are all natural and free from toxic ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Butcher –
  • Certified
Ecofriendly Tennessee River Rescue

Tennessee River Rescue is a sustainable organization available 24/7 to save dogs around the community. They are adopting animals who are unattended, lost, damped ... more »

  • Animal –
  • Animals –
  • Around

Organic Wind Farm is a small farm in Texas that raises livestock animals such as cattle, chicken, and rabbit. They also produce organic vegetables and their goal ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Farm –
  • Property
Star Valley Organic Farm

benefit the community as well. As they are a small farm, they do not have a farm store as of yet. They pre-sell all animals in advance and their customers come ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Beef –
  • Business
Zia and Tia's Organic Cotton Hand Knit Soft Toy

and Tia's Organic Cotton Hand Knit Soft Toy Collection of Dolls and Animals are beautifully designed with Vintage inspired removable organic cotton hand knit clothing.  ... more »

  • Animal –
  • Animals –
  • Clothing
Totten Family Organic Farm

ensure happy, healthy animals Totten Family Organic Farm employ management techniques such as good nutrition, low stocking bulks, frequent movement to fresh meadow, ... more »

  • Animals –
  • Dry –
  • Family

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