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Green Injury Law Firm

Seth Green is a trial attorney exclusively practicing personal injury law. He has obtained in excess of $35M for his former clients. Mr. Green has handled nearly ... more »

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The NJSPCA, or the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals began in 1868. We are the second oldest animal cruelty prevention in the US.  ... more »

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  • animal abuse is part of The Hunger Site Network, a family of green Web sites dedicated to helping Internet users put the power of the Internet to work ... more »

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Tennessee River Rescues

Our goal is  to  to adopt out or find rescue groups to place these animals in good homes.  Our team here area all hard working animal lovers passionate ... more »

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  • green association
A Grateful Dog

 A Grateful Dog pet spa has decided to go green, we and one of the only grooming salons in Il doing this. All our products are all natural, eco friendly, or ... more »

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  • animal sanctuary
Little Angels Rescue

Little Angels Rescue is a private, no-kill, non-profit dog rescue organization. We specialize mostly on small dogs - purebreds and mixes. We treat all of our "little ... more »

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  • green association
The Hoosier Mushroom Society

The Hoosier Mushroom Society founded in 2009. We are an informal mushroom hunting organization and our mission is to encourage interest in the science of mycology ... more »

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Animals and Society Institute

Using  psychology and education to enrich the world through respect for nonhuman animals.Since 1981, Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has worked ... more »

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  • Animal Welfare

Susan Overfield’s method differs seriously from conventional approaches by actually teaching positive social behaviors that dogs need and owners want. ... more »

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  • animal welfare
A Helping Paw

A Helping Paw works with many special pets that are at high-risk of being put down at traditional shelters due to medical or behavioral issues. This allows already ... more »

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  • animal sanctuary
Animals Asia Foundation

Hong Kong-based charity dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.... more »

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Guardians For Animals

Guardians For Animals is a non-profit that helps small green rescue organizations in need thus they may continue their heroic efforts to save animals on "death ... more »

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  • animal rights
Humane Society of Huron Valley

Humane Society of Huron Valley dedicates to promoting respect for all life and preventing cruelty to animals since 1896 as tje animal care and animal conserbation. ... more »

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  • humane shelter –
  • animal sanctuary
Green Path Organic Landcare

Green Path Organic Landcare is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and we use only sustainable materials and products that are allowed ... more »

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  • farming supplies
Springfield Vegetarian Association

We are the Springfield Vegetarian Association and we began in June of 1995. We have been providing education and support for in our local community who are been ... more »

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  • raw food
Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue & Equine Sanctuary

CISARES (Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue and Equine Sanctuary) believe that every animal has a right to life. We do not distinguish against breed, disposition, ... more »

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  • animal sanctuary
Community Farm Alliance

Community Farm Alliance develops sustainable community-based projects that directly improve communities and that can be used as models for good public programs ... more »

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  • certified organic farm
Naturipe Farms, LLC

At Naturipe Farms, what we produce are 100% natural, organic and juicy berries that are satisfying for your tastebuds and fantastic for your health. All our products ... more »

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  • organic manufacturer
mermaid says

mermaid says is a line of hand made natural organic body care products. All our products were made with ethics and a conscience. That is, we keep in mind that we ... more »

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  • organic skin care
Alberta Institute for Wildlife Rehabilitation (AIWC)

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) is a registered green charity and non-profit society that has been operating a wildlife hospital since 1993. ... more »

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  • animal sanctuary
Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

Animal Ark is an eco-friendly wildlife sanctuary and nature center Northwest of Reno, Nevada. It is our philosophy that each animal that is taken in is provided ... more »

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  • animal sanctuary
American Natural & Organic Spices

"priced competitive" organic spices, a comprehensive 100% certified organic seasoning solution for food industryâ„¢... more »

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Born Free USA

Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploita... more »

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  • Animal Cruelty
Jack n' Jill Organics

Jack n Jill provides quality selection of organic, natural and eco-friendly products... more »

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  • Ecoconscious

Vegan Action is a nonprofit  organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the  vegan diet and lifestyle.... more »

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  • Animal Welfare
Help Animals, Adopt a Pet, Green Living & More

A professional site promoting awareness for animal and environmental protection. A hub of quality information and resources for animal lovers, green people and ... more »

  • Animal Abuse –
  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Animal Rights
Hearts United for Animals

National no kill animal shelter specializing in long distance adoptions and puppy mill rescues. Dogs, dogs for adoption, animal shelter, dog rescue, animal sanctuary, ... more »

  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Animal Sanctuary –
  • Humane Shelter
Humane Farming Association Farm Animal Refuge (HFA)

Farm animal protection. Information on the horrors of factory farming. HFA also runs the nation's largest farm animal refuge.... more »

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  • Animal Abuse –
  • Animal Cruelty
Meyer Country Farms Ltd.

Bellyrubs Organic, makers of flavorful, healthy treats for your dog and cat. Bellyrubs are made from only the finest ingredients. Certified organic and all natural ... more »

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  • Organic
Circus Reform Yes!

To end the unnecessary suffering caused by the archaic institution of wild animal circuses.We are a Minnesota-based nonprofit advocacy group for wild animals used ... more »

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  • Animal Rights

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Green NJSPCA was wrought in 1868 and is the second oldest SPCA in the country. Its agents were recognized as Law Enforcement Officers in charge of investigating ... more »

  • Animal Cruelty –
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  • Animal Abuse
Protecting our Local Coastal Lines Protecting our Local Coastal Lines

Here at the Alabama Coastal Foundation, we are an environmental organisation with a mission to help improve and protect Alabama's coastal environment. We aim to ... more »

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  • Environmental Organisation
Pledge for Energy Independence Pledge for Energy Independence

The Green Ribbon Pledge is aimed to educate and encourage everyone - from individuals to families to all types of organizations. We want every to know about the ... more »

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  • Green Associations –
  • Green Association
Environment and People Empowerment Group Environment and People Empowerment Group

LEAP is a green association that facilitates partnerships and conversations between communities, NGOs, government and industry, aiming to unravel a history of hierarchical, ... more »

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  • Association
AniCare Child AniCare Child

For an effective assessment and treatment approach for childhood animal abusers, the Animals and Society Institute have developed the understanding that AniCare ... more »

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  • Associations –
  • Wild
Declawing Your Cat Is Painful Declawing Your Cat Is Painful

Many vets promote declawing, so you may think it is okay to do it. However, the truth is that declawing your cat is painful, elective surgery which involves bone ... more »

  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Animals –
  • Animal Rights
Fighting Against Fur Campaign Fighting Against Fur Campaign

The cruelty of fur farming in the United States is real. And the truth that we are revealing through our Fighting Against Fur Campaign can not be more simple. ... more »

  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Animal Activism –
  • Animal Care
End Bear Bile Farming End Bear Bile Farming

There are currently over ten thousand bears kept on bile farms in China and Indochina. We would like you to help us end bear bile farming due to its abhorrent nature. ... more »

  • Animal Cruelty –
  • Wild –
  • Animal Activism
Ecofriendly Humane Society

Ecofriendly Humane society's mission is to support animals in the community by ensuring proper care and nurture, providing them with homes in families, reducing ... more »

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  • Animals
Ecofriendly Community Farm

Ecofriendly Community Farm seeks to supply safe, abundant and highly nutritive organic food products for consumption that is sustainable at the same affordable ... more »

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Springfield Organic Vegetarian Association

The saying that goes ' We are what we eat' is indeed precise for people who are health conscious. The content of our food intake has the biggest impact on our ... more »

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  • Natural
Green Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services

Green Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services recondition the soil and completely eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides to provide a beautiful lawn that is ... more »

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  • Pest Control
Fair-Trade Cream Shea Butter

Fair-Trade Cream Shea Butter is unrefined, unbleached, fairly traded and a wild harvested Shea butter from the West African country of Togo. Shea is an excellent ... more »

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  • Council
Eco Mighty Blues

Eco Mighty Blues just won the award for the Best New Product at Canadian Produce Marketing Association 87th Annual Convention and Trade Show. This is larger than ... more »

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