Chocolate Companies

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Doodles Cookies

for more than 15 years. Our varieties that will be shipping out by the fall are her award winning Organic Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie, Doodles Cookies Sugar ... more »

  • organic manufacturer –
  • wholesaler
Awaken Organics,LLC

Awakening Organics, LLC starts with eating nutritious, delicious, healthy foods. What we eat makes us conscious or unconscious. Once we face the fact that pesticides ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • organic manufacturer
Tilth Restaurant

We feature delicious New American cuisine. All our preparation and ingredients are certified-organic or locally sourced from as a large variety of local farmers ... more »

  • natural –
  • organic restaurants –
  • organic restaurant
Smiling Hill Farm

Our mission here at Smiling Hill Farm is to produce the best quality dairy products that we can produce. We do this in an environmentally sustainable  manner ... more »

  • organic dairy –
  • sustainable agriculture –
  • farm
Grace Valley Farm

Grace Valley Farm laying hens are Buff Orpingtons, Barnevelders and Welsummers. These breeds are stunning and hardy but lay fewer eggs than the commercial type ... more »

  • organic dairy
Lavender Wind Farm

At Lavender Wind Farm, we are famous for our sweet aromatic scented lavender and our stunning views. We make almost all our own products and we love our visitors. ... more »

  • farmers –
  • farming –
  • farmer
The No Bakery

We are a new division of Delightful Foods - which is a family operated business. It started in the late 70's one of the very few bakeries that provides a variety ... more »

  • natural –
  • healthy –
  • health
SunRidge Farms

We are a family owned Farm and have been producing high quality foods for over three decade.  Our ways of farming reflect our passion and dedication for  a ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • organic manufacturer –
  • organic ingredients
Organic Partners International LLC

We are a new company that makes two powerful networks come together: the Organic Sourcing Agents and the Primary Suppliers of Organic Ingredients. Despite the market ... more »

  • organic manufacturer –
  • certified organic –
  • organic
Westwind Milling Company

We are a very unique mill, flour store, and bakery. Here, we only offer local food that is grown sustainably. That means that each and every one of our customers ... more »

  • organic meat –
  • organic grains –
  • organic breads

Sun Flour Baking Company

Sun Flour began baking vegan cookies since 1993. We started when we learned that animal products contribute to diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, ... more »

  • vegan –
  • organic cookies –
  • vegan business

Chocolate Products

15 listed

Awaken Organic Food

does a sinful and calorie overload chocolate bar considered organic food? At Awaken Organic Food, every chocoholic becomes thrilled because they are introducing ... more »

  • All Natural Ingredients –
  • Anti –
  • Certified

Salmon and Mini Duck Burgers. Get sugarcoated with their mouthwatering desserts such as Strawberry Shortcake, Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Theo Chocolate Ganache ... more »

  • Baby –
  • Beer –
  • Business
Organic Flavored Milk

Milk is made from all natural organic ingredients like pure cane sugar instead of corn. Flavors to choose: Chocolate Milk, 1% Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Milk, ... more »

  • Chocolate –
  • Coffee –
  • Farm

out from the harvested lavender which may be used for baking shortbread, poppy seed muffin, lemon lavender scone, chocolate chip scone, chocolate chip cookie in ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Organic Products –
  • Farm
Eco Delicious Cookies

is all organic, but the ingredients are ones that you'll fast and easily to understand, like brown rice flour, oats, chocolate chips and brown sugar. These cookies ... more »

  • Chocolate –
  • Cookies –
  • Healthy
No Cookie Organic Brownies

Oils and Trans Fat. Ingredients: Sucanat (granulated cane juice), Barley Flour, walnuts, chocolate, Sun spire (vegan chocolate chips), canola oil, organic vanilla, ... more »

  • Chocolate –
  • Cookies –
  • Oils
Organic Oatmeal Cookie

organic nutmeg, and organic quick oats. This plain mix is great plain, or is also used for adding nuts, apple slices, chocolate chips, or any quantity of your own ... more »

  • Apple –
  • Bag –
  • Certified
Eco Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries

Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries are the ideal snack for those craving the sweetness of chocolate with a healthy twist. These plump, chewy dried cherries are liberally ... more »

  • Certified –
  • Chocolate –
  • Healthy
Organic Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips this is a famous favorite creamy like chocolate chip cookie dough. This has Organic chocolate and vanilla flavors, Chocolate chips whole grain malted ... more »

  • Organic Chocolate –
  • Organic –
  • Cocoa Butter
Organic Chocolate Liquor

Chocolate Liquor is made from the finest blend of organic beans. Chocolate products should be stored in places which are well ventilated and free from strong odors. ... more »

  • Chocolate –
  • Humidity –
  • Industrial
Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds

Dark Chocolate Almonds is very a delicious crunchy and sweet chocolate that skillfully crafted in the time-tested European confectionery traditions small batch ... more »

  • Antioxidant –
  • Chocolate –
  • Fresh
Blommer Organic Chocolate Line Blommer Organic Chocolate Line

line of delicious chocolate is of top quality. Certified organic, Blommer’s organic chocolate line provides wonderful choices for the customer. Our dedication ... more »

  • Fair Trade Chocolate –
  • Organic Chocolate –
  • Fair Traded Chocolate
Sustainable Cocoa Beans Sustainable Cocoa Beans

at the Blommer Chocolate Company, we are a third generation and family operated organisation. We feature the largest cocoa processor in the continent and we are ... more »

  • Fair Trade Chocolate –
  • Organic Chocolate –
  • Chocolate
Healthy Raw Chocolate Cake Recipe Healthy Raw Chocolate Cake Recipe

is seasonal, natural, organic, fresh and local. Yes, eating healthy can also mean stuffing yourself with a big slice of chocolate cake.  To best enjoy our ... more »

  • Fair Trade Chocolate –
  • Organic Chocolate –
  • Chocolate
Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate

with Fazenda Camboa is a Direct Trade relationship. This exclusive relationship between our team here at Fearless Chocolate and Fazenda Camboa is the foundation ... more »

  • Fair Trade Chocolate –
  • Organic Chocolate –
  • Wooden Chocolate Packaging

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