Chemicals Companies

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Esperanza Threads

Esperanza Threads sells a wide selection of organic clothing. Our organic product has No pesticides, chlorine bleach and toxic dyes are used in the quality, long-lasting, ... more »

  • organic cotton –
  • wholesaler –
  • fairtrade
Trautman Family Farm

We are a Certified Organic Farm featuring Grass fed Beef, pastured Pork and pastured Poultry. We're located just minutes away from Madison, outside beautiful ... more »

  • organic meat –
  • organic dairy –
  • organic beverages
Fluit Family Farms

Fluit Family Farms is a small family organic farm that grows 100% grass-fed and finished beef. We grow Certified Organic hay and grains. Our organic beef is available ... more »

  • organic meat
Turner Farm

We are a Community Supported Agriculture group and we producers of fresh vegetables and fruit along with free range meat and eggs. All our farming methods are sustainable ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • organic dairy
Green Idea, Inc.

Green Idea, Inc. enjoys a mission to satisfy its valued customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring that high quality organic approved, non toxic and low ... more »

  • gardening –
  • farming supplies
Beare's Berries

Beare's Berries has 2 acres of organic blueberries. It is a You-Pick operation and we have many families that come and enjoy the opportunity to pick organic blueberries ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • organic farms –
  • organic farmers
Andean Naturals

Andean Naturals is an importer and wholesaler of organic quinoa and quinoa-based ingredients. We work directly with 180 quinoa organic farmers in Bolivia and offer ... more »

  • organic grains
Green Path Organic Landcare

Green Path Organic Landcare is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and we use only sustainable materials and products that are allowed ... more »

  • gardening –
  • farming supplies
Thumb Organic LLC

At Thumb Organics, we are lovers of eco beauty and organic products. We are an online store and we specialize in natural skin are and beauty items from organic ... more »

  • natural soap –
  • organic skin care –
  • kosher wine
C to C Design And Print, Inc.

C to C Design and Print, Inc. is proud to offer you an Environmentally Friendly Printing. We are Being Green Seal Certified and a member of the U.S.G.B.C., therefore ... more »

  • organic cotton
Midsummer Farm

At Midsummer Farm, we have been practicing and developing our very own style of Artisanal and Sustainable Agriculture since the early of 2000s.  We are a Certified ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • local –
  • organic dairy
Tune Farm

We are a small farm located in the beautiful town of Falkville, in Morgan County, Alabama. We have about 260 certified organic acres of green luscious natural surroundings. ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • local farm
Champlion's General Store

Champlion’s General Store specializes in the Organic Alternatives, offering friendly service and value for your money. We stock a wide celiac selection such ... more »

  • health food stores –
  • coops
Bio Green

Bio Green is Natural and Environmentally Safe liquid Fertilizer. We have a lawn and landscape spraying service and wholesale distributorship, based out of Tacoma ... more »

  • gardening
Pacific Botanicals

We are dedicated to empowering our community to experience the wonders of good health from the benefits of eating holistically and healthy.  We are growers ... more »

  • medicinal herbs –
  • organic –
  • Herbal
Michael Reece, ND

We specialist in naturopathy and alternative medicine.  Naturopathy was founded on the principle that a person has the inherent ability to establish, maintain ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths
Center for Oriental Medicine - Christy Giallourakis, AP, DOM

Center for Oriental Medicine - Christy Giallourakis, AP, DOM offers classical style sustainable Traditional Chinese Medicine and Korean Constitutional Medicine, ... more »

  • medicinal herbs –
  • reiki

Acupuncture & Oriental Healthcare, Inc.

Acupuncture & Oriental Healthcare, Inc. can heal your body naturally and safely with Oriental Medicine. Would you like to get your body's systems balanced, ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths

Chemicals Products

18 listed

Trautman Organic Farm

chicken poops. Quality organic eggs are produced from chicken who only feed natural grass. They do not allow the use of chemicals to their hive management. Raw ... more »

  • Organic Eggs –
  • Certified Organic –
  • Organic
Turner Organic Farm

life. They combines pest management safely controls crop damage without use of harmful pesticides. The Artificial chemicals and synthetic fertilizers are not required. ... more »

  • Agricultural –
  • Certified –
  • Certified Organic
Local Organic Harvest

the soils being poisoned by toxic chemicals? Or most importantly have you think twice about the danger that the harmful chemicals can cause to our body?  This ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Beauty –
  • Chemical
Andean Organics

gluten free and safe food products manufactured at their own facility. All products are made without the use of toxic chemicals thus it is healthy for human consumption. ... more »

  • Baby –
  • Certified –
  • Chemicals
Green Idea Fertilizers and Insecticides

sustainable techniques in the production of organic fruits and vegetable through the use of natural and non toxic chemicals for the soil. With their deep commitment ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Organic Products –
  • Flying
Fluit Organic Farm

produce. They are also proud to introduce Biodynamic methods in the farm. As an organic farm, they do not use harmful chemicals such as toxic fertilizers and never ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Farm –
  • Meat
Ezperanza Organic Apparel and Goods

and green collar jobs to the people. Most of the clothing materials found in the fashion industry are derived from chemicals that are considered harsh and pose ... more »

  • Allergies –
  • Array –
  • Chemicals
Cut Organic Flowers

usage in the world. The floral industry utilities the highest level of pesticides of all agricultural sectors. These chemicals may even stay on bouquets long enough ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Farm –
  • Sample

This product is Gluten/Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free, Non GMO, Non Petroleum, No Fragrances and Harsh Chemicals or... more »

  • Certified –
  • Certified Organic –
  • Chemicals
Eco friendly BioGreen Fertilization Services

The company also offers all natural, bio based fertilizer to control pests and insects. This means that less toxic chemicals are used for health and environmental ... more »

  • Bio –
  • Chemicals –
  • Control
Sustainable Naturopathy

of food supplements such as vitamins and minerals to combat diseases. Homeopathy uses natural substances and non toxic chemicals for health remedies. Botanicals ... more »

  • Healing –
  • Natural –
  • Sustainable
Green Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services

Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services recondition the soil and completely eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides to provide a beautiful lawn that is safe ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Organic Farming –
  • Pest Control
Go Green Painting

to them and they do their best to decrease waste and enhance  efficiency. The Go Green Painting uses all Soy based chemicals in their full color printing process. ... more »

  • Awareness –
  • Biodegradable –
  • Certified
Beeswax Organic Candle

has been found in the pyramids virtually unchanged after 1000s of years. A beeswax candle contains none harmful chemicals that sometimes found in paraffin candles ... more »

  • Allergies –
  • Aroma –
  • Around
Rectangle Organic Pillow

are all 100% organic cotton and pillows all come with their own removable case [unless noted]. Organic means NO TOXIC chemicals are used and the growing or progressing ... more »

  • Around –
  • Chemicals –
  • Cotton
Organic Ashwagandha Seeds

is certified organically grown, wild crafted and grown without any chemicals added. Most herbs are marketed in one pound minimum quantities and all prices are Per ... more »

  • Certified –
  • Chemicals –
  • Herbs
Green Acupuncture and Oriental Healthcare

or you’re having a body pain, chest pain, headaches and Sleepless night, many professional doctors will support chemicals processed from non-organic medicines. ... more »

  • acupuncture –
  • Alternative –
  • Book

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