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Nature's Food Patch Market & Café Nature's Food Patch Market & Café

Food Patch Natural Market & Cafe (established in1987) is a popular community grocery store. We are dedicated to offering a wide variety of top quality organic ... more »

  • organic –
  • natural –
  • fair trade
Seven Grains Seven Grains

- it should be reasonably priced for everyone.  We are also proud to many sections of Natural and Organic foods and food products. In fact many of them are ... more »

  • health food stores –
  • vegan –
  • vegetarian

Heirloom Catering

Catering are aiming at provide our food lovers creative, local and organic food and natual food, with specialty vegan and vegetarian offerings. We serve our ... more »

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  • produce fruits –
  • organic food
Rising Sun Farms

fabulous healthy foods that's full of flavor and delicious goodness.  Actually, we are big believers that delicious food comes only from the high quality and ... more »

  • organic manufacturer –
  • organic herbs
Goldbaums Natural Food

Natural Food was established in 2007 with the objective of filling the gluten-free niche in the US food industry. Our organic foods are very healthy, delicious, ... more »

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  • organic cookies –
  • kosher manufacturer
Earthkeeper Farm

and our fundamental values include building a balanced farm ecosystem; nurturing biodiversity, strengthen the local food system, and helping eaters and future farmers ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits
lov'n it live

 All of our products are manufactured on our premises. We are here to take you into a world where delicious food is actually good for you. We are believers ... more »

  • organic manufacturer –
  • organic cookies –
  • organic breads
Eclectic Edibles

Edibles is a blog devoted to all things about food. From delicious original recipes to personal food philosophies to ways to eating healthy - we have it all. Eclectic ... more »

  • organic food delivery –
  • natural food –
  • organic drink
Lorax Community

healing, and the effects of healthy foods. We are currently offering workshops on: Consciousness when purchasing, Raw food preparation, and herbs and how to use... more »

  • sustainable –
  • vegan –
  • vegetarian
Siri and Son Farms

quality.  All of our produce are grown using eco friendly and sustainable farming practices. This not only makes our food naturally tastier, but also benefits ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • local farm
Springfield Vegetarian Association

animal rights/welfare, cooking and delicious recipes.  We believe that what we put into our mouths and how food is produced have a big impact on our health, ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian –
  • raw food
Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm

are a local family farm that operates in Texas. We are also lovers of fresh, healthy, locally grown food products such as: vegetables, herbs, fruits, meats dairy, ... more »

  • organic –
  • vegetables –
  • sustainable

of choices, cooking options, and packaging possibilities. BrucePac is a trusted partner among sustainable retailers, food manufacturers and food service distributors. ... more »

  • organic manufacturer –
  • organic meat
Mirador Community Store

everyone live a greener, healthier and more sustainable life. We are the very first store in Portland to focus on eco food preservation tools and accessories. We ... more »

  • organic cotton –
  • natural soap –
  • hemp
Everything Natural Under The Sun

Natural Under The Sun - Health Food Store (Altoona, PA)Everything Natural Under The Sun is a health food store in Altoona Pennsylvania providing grocery, perishable, ... more »

  • Coops –
  • Health Food Stores
United Food Ingredients

United Food Ingredients, we are located in Portland, Oregon, USA. We are an international marketing service company and we source, market, and distribute high quality ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • fruits
Eat Like the Pros

Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago White Sox. Now, we are available to anyone in Chicago and suburbs! We believe that real food is premium fuel. That's why you won't ... more »

  • organic food delivery
Turner Farm

and more positive future for our community. We do this via producing local, organic, healthy and low environmental impact food. We are here to encourage and promote ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • organic dairy
Trautman Family Farm

are not only more nutrient dense than your average caged ones, but also bigger and tastier.  We always produce our food with the upper most care and love for ... more »

  • organic meat –
  • organic dairy –
  • organic beverages
Community Farm Alliance

farmers’ opportunities and are cited as models both state and nationally. Community Farm Alliance equitable local food access efforts for low-income communities ... more »

  • environmental –
  • farmers –
  • certified organic farm
Northland Organic Foods Corporation

are a global organic food and agricultural products and ever since 1991. We are a leader in our industry and have won many awards in the organic foods field. We ... more »

  • organic grains –
  • healthy foods –
  • green foods
Andean Naturals

to raise the incomes of quinoa farmers and support organic agriculture in the Andes, while bringing a delicious healthy food to... more »

  • organic grains
Rosendale Farmers Market

Our mission is to provide super healthy, super fresh and super tasty produce, meats, baked goodies and locally grown food products to the community. We also feature ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • organic dairy –
  • organic breads
Garden Spot Distributors/Shiloh Farms

of the highest quality organic, natural and specialty foods. With over 30 years experience in the sustainable health food industry, we pick and choose the brands ... more »

  • organic manufacturer
Eat Local Food LLC

Local Food LLC provide eye-catching, high quality marketing materials promoting locally produced, farm-friendly, natural, organic and healthy foods. Our sustainable ... more »

  • wholesaler
Tilth Restaurant

chef and owner is Maria Hines. She is a James Beard Award winner for Best Chef of the Northwest. She is also one of Food and Wine Magazine’s 10 Best New Chefs ... more »

  • natural –
  • organic restaurants –
  • organic restaurant
Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander

from the rainforests (depleting the lungs of our planet), to water and oceans, world hunger, to the air we breathe (yes, food choice affects oxygen and the quality ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian
Three Rivers Natural Grocery Food Co-op

Rivers Natural Grocery is a natural foods cooperative committed to providing customers with high quality organic, natural food products and health and wellness ... more »

  • health food stores –
  • coops –
  • green stores
Newark Natural Foods Co-op

are a natural and organic food store that is located on Main Street in Newark, Delaware. Unlike most other stores, our business decisions are made based on the ... more »

  • health food stores –
  • coops
Main Street Ingredients

Street Ingredients is a leader and developers in top quality premium food ingredients for the dairy, nutritional and food processing industries. Our products like: ... more »

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  • organic manufacturer –
  • organic dairy

Food Products

71 listed

Garden of Life Fuco Protein

7g (30% of DV) Peanut butter Crunch – 15g (30% of DV) and 9g (37% DV) These statement have not been compared in the Food and Drugs Administration. These product ... more »

  • Dietary –
  • Food –
  • Gluten
Nature's Food Patch Organic Market and Café

Food Patch Organic Market and Cafe is a community grocery store dedicated to offering a complete selection of quality organic and natural products. Inside our 22,000 ... more »

  • Array –
  • Cafe –
  • Carry
Local and Organic Catering

and Organic as possible. Procurement locally and organically benefits their health by decreasing the toxins that their food is exposed to, and by build up the ... more »

  • Accommodation –
  • Around –
  • Book
Natural and Organic Options

and health consultations. Their organic store offers exciting organic products to choose from such as natural food supplements, vitamins and minerals. Want to ... more »

  • acupuncture –
  • Alternative –
  • Array
Kerr Organic Concentrates

and vegetables is a masterpiece of a company, Kerr Organic Concentrates. Their products are widely used in the baking and food industry for multiple purposes. Healthwise, ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Food –
  • Fresh
Rising Sun Organic Farm

Sun Organic Farms provides healthy food and high quality ingredients that supports organic and sustainable agriculture. They believe in preserving the environment ... more »

  • Cream –
  • Environment –
  • Farms
Acupuncture on Health and Organic Food Supplements

the skin with sharp objects such as needles to stimulate certain areas of the body. Acupuncture on Health and Organic Food Supplements, on the other hand, is a ... more »

  • Organic Food –
  • Organic –
  • Sustainable Products
Organic Grateful Harvest Farm

organic fruits and vegetables. With an abundant and bountiful harvest, they distribute farm goods to local and regional food stores. Also, they built their own ... more »

  • Additives –
  • Farm –
  • Farm Fresh

Pizzas, tacos, nachos, nut loaf, lasagna, steaks and burgers can also be ordered. And would you believe that all these food menus are made from organic ingredients? ... more »

  • Art –
  • Dining –
  • Farmers
Earthkeeper Organic Farm

of the farm would include biodiversity, protecting the environment, making the soil health, and commitment to local food system. Although majority of their produce ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Community –
  • Elements
Awaken Organic Food

considered organic food? At Awaken Organic Food, every chocoholic becomes thrilled because they are introducing to the food market certified organic chocolates ... more »

  • All Natural Ingredients –
  • Anti –
  • Certified
Eclectic Organic Edibles

Organic Edibles aims to promote sound mind and body through food and lifestyle. They provide the consumer with tips on cooking, right ways to eating, exercise, ... more »

  • Apple –
  • Bean –
  • Beef
Springfield Organic Vegetarian Association

saying that goes ' We are what we eat' is indeed precise for people who are health conscious. The content of our food intake has the biggest impact on our health. ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Meat –
  • Natural
Eureka Organic Food

of jumping from one shop to another to look for organic goods? Eureka Organic Food is a one stop organic shop for dining, shopping food items and beauty products. ... more »

  • Organic Food –
  • Organic –
  • Organic Shop
Environmental Store

resource for information and products to achieve optimal health and wellness. They provide high quality, organic whole food based herbs, organic supplements and ... more »

  • Awareness –
  • Carry –
  • Community
Gourmet Organic Farm to Table Fine Dining

and a good facilities Inn, The Master Farm Inn Is an excellent place to go. They serve you the most natural organic food that is not only you benefits from the ... more »

  • Accommodation –
  • Cheese –
  • Eggs
BrucePac Organic Meat

Turkey, Pork and Beef are produced and cooked to perfection that would also equate into a sumptuous healthy meal. Their food products are proven safe and certified ... more »

  • Beef –
  • Certified –
  • Chicken

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