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Heirloom Catering

and vegetarian offerings. We serve our clients the highest quality foods and while upholding our belief in sustainable living through local purchasing. The freshest ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • organic food
America's Green Store

many people, when they think about health and living a healthy lifestyle, they often think about just the foods and supplements they consume and the exercises that ... more »

  • fairtrade –
  • Natural Home –
  • Organic Home
Eco Home

is a sustainable on-going living research center that demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment. It is a unique retrofitted California style bungalow ... more »

  • environmental –
  • solar power home –
  • energy alternatives
Lorax Community

At Lorax Community, we are an Outreach and Education Project with a goal to build energy efficient and self-sustainable communities. We want everyone to be able ... more »

  • sustainable –
  • vegan –
  • vegetarian
Nova's Bakery and Coffee Shop

We are the experts in European breads and pastries. Everyday, we produce fresh, traditional bread with a lovely crusty outside and an unbelievably soft inside.  ... more »

  • natural –
  • health –
  • organic breads
Aquarian Wellness, Inc.

Aquarian Wellness, Inc.  offer sustainable colon hydrotherapy services, lymphatic drainage, ear coning, detox cleansing and fasting plans, nutrition counsel, ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths –
  • natural medicine –
  • alternative medicine
Westwind Gardens

Westwind Gardens is an Organic and Sustainable Garden. We are believers of organic and sustainable gardening and that is the main drives for us to strive to produce ... more »

  • gardening
Village Bakery & Cafe

At Village Bakery and Cafe, we are passionate about two things - freshly baked goods and natural, organic ingredients are healthy for us and our planet.  We ... more »

  • organic meat –
  • organic dairy –
  • organic beverages
Denergy Massage & Myofascial Release

Reduce pain and move freely, Myofascial Release for fibromyalgia, TMJ, chronic pain,sciatica, etc...Our services include: Myofascial release, massage, Hawaiian ... more »

  • Holistic Medicine And Naturopaths
Tamiyasu Orchards, Inc.

Here at Tamiyasu Orchards, we grow certified organic fruits. We have: cherries, pears, apples, blueberries, grapes, plums and apricots. All of our fruits are ... more »

  • vegetables –
  • produce fruits –
  • fruits
Wausau Wellness Center

At the Wellness Center, we have a large range of Specialty Health Foods and Supplements. Our focus is on preventive healthcare. This can be achieved via good amounts ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths
Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander

Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander breaks down the sustainable information in easy-to-read chapters that touch on issues ranging from the rainforests (depleting the lungs ... more »

  • vegan –
  • vegetarian
Healthy Choices / Natural Therapies Plus

We strive to provide alternative health care, and we specialize in Biochemistry for Perfect Health, Herbals, Iridology, Kinesiology, Nutrituion, Reflexology, Ear ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths
Primera Agua Healing & Enlightenment

We are here to serve you, uplift, heal and help you relax. We can also assist your journey into strengthening and clarifyinf your mind so that you'll be left with ... more »

  • alternative medicine –
  • holistic medicine and naturopaths –
  • Natural Health
MGM Landscape Design

We are a professional Landscape Design and Construction Company. We offer complete Landscape and Homebuilding Services - from the Design phase right to the every ... more »

  • gardening
Thrive Acupuncture, LLC

We are the experts in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for you and your pet/s. We are specialists in dermatology, allergies, injuries and pain and the treatment ... more »

  • medicinal herbs –
  • holistic services
uBuilder Plans

We specialize in self-sufficient construction and design for homesteading. We are here to provide easy to understand building plans with unique, simple and outstanding ... more »

  • gardening –
  • organic gardening –
  • sustainable agriculture is a green website that was created as a place to discuss and present ideas on how to live a more green life. Our team writers are usually pretty ... more »

  • environment –
  • nature –
  • global warming

Diane Luck, Personal Organizer

Diane Luck, Personal Organizer has 15 years of experience organizing homes, offices and setting up bookkeeping systems. Diane has an analytical mind matched by ... more »

  • vegan business

Living Products

19 listed

Local and Organic Catering

is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers while upholding their belief in sustainable living throughout local purchasing. All the ... more »

  • Accommodation –
  • Around –
  • Book
Green Lorax Community

in their own homes. They offer hands-on learning experiences in the form of wild foraging and permaculture/sustainable living workshops as well. Support for our ... more »

  • Agricultural –
  • Awareness –
  • Community
Whole Wheat Organic Bread

flour, filtered water, natural sourdough starter and sea-salt. With the mixture of Stone ground Whole Wheat and natural living Yeast gives this typical bread its ... more »

  • Bread –
  • Food –
  • Healthy
Green Water Wellness

clients in their endeavor to balance their health and accommodate their consciousness to the physical body they are living in. Aquarian Wellness services includes: ... more »

  • Bath –
  • Circulation –
  • Detox
Fair Trade and Organic Restaurant

and Laurel Valley Cheddar. All organic ingredients are excellent not just giving you all the great benefits but living you the healthiest life you really... more »

  • Accommodation –
  • Bakery –
  • Beer
Westwind Organic Gardens

Oregon. At first they had 1 greenhouse, a small blue rectangle of a home, a falling down shed, and a dream of making a living off of their very own 5.13 acres. ... more »

  • Bedding –
  • Blue –
  • Business
Denny Doyle Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

which Denny use several brands including Mountain Rose Herbs and Aura Cacia. She recently became a member of the Young Living company. Aromatherapy and Essential ... more »

  • Air –
  • Bath –
  • Bath Salts
Organic Freshest Fruits

to taste the freshest and sweetest different organic fruits that can give you all the vitamins and iron and minerals and living you with a healthy lifestyle. Tamiyasu ... more »

  • Certified –
  • Certified Organic –
  • Distribution
Comfortably Unaware Book

of our diet, the foot-print it makes on our environment and seek food products that are in the great interest of all living things. His frank information and stark ... more »

  • Air –
  • Book –
  • Environment

scrape the skin. This promotes muscle relaxation and increase the time healing frame of wounds. Animals are sensitive living things thus they also respond very ... more »

  • acupuncture –
  • Acupuncturist –
  • Alternative
Essential Organic Beauty Serum

Organic Beauty Serum is a blend from Young Living Oils collection. This product is made with organic 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It is known for ... more »

  • Organic –
  • Pure –
  • Wood
MGM Ecological Pond design and Construction

Design and Construction Company based on Ecological Design and Restoration Principles. They specialize in Outdoor Living spaces and redesigned of natural surroundings. ... more »

  • Book –
  • Construction –
  • Design
Organic Adventure Enlightenment

fully relaxing and strengthen massage, which can heal all the pain that you feel in your body with consciousness, and living you with a great feeling afterwards. ... more »

  • Elements –
  • Give –
  • Living

is an on-going living research center that demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment. The Green-House is a restored and retrofitted California style ... more »

  • Ecological –
  • Energy –
  • Environmentally
Protandim Eco Synergizer

ability to decrease age-related symptoms on the cellular level. Oxidative stress, generated through the process of living life eating, sleeping, breathing and ... more »

  • Breathing –
  • Dietary –
  • Eco
Natural Therapies Iridology Service

person. The iris reveals an individualistic strength and weaknesses and what has been done to the body through incorrect living habits. Iridology gives individual ... more »

  • Efficient –
  • Health –
  • Health Care
Simple Ways to Start Living Green Simple Ways to Start Living Green

is site created to discuss ideas on how to live eco friendly. We also feature simple ways to start living green for those who are interested as well.  Our ... more »

  • Simple Living Green –
  • Living –
  • Eco Living

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