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Dr. Alysa Nguyen, Naturopathic doctor

Inner Harmony Integrative Health with Dr. Alysa Nguyen offers a holistic approach to healing centered on the individual by promoting inner growth, balance and nurturance ... more »

  • Alternative Medicine –
  • Botanical Medicine –
  • Chinese Herbs
Natural Holistic Wellness Center

The Natural Holistic Wellness Center, located in Monterey, California, is an alternative complementary holistic health clinic using cutting edge science-based medicine ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Alternative Medicine –
  • Alternative Therapies

Association of Spiritual Doctors and Holistic Healers of Canada

Association of Spiritual Doctors and Holistic Healers of Canada believes that life is the greatest gift of The All-Mighty and its preservation is the prime responsibility ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Alternative Medicine –
  • Clean
Carol Damoth, MA, LLP, CHTP

of experience in clinical psychology. She has incorporated green Cranial Sacral Therapy, Healing Touch and Reiki holistic energy medicines into her treatment protocol ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths –
  • reiki

Natural Pet Store - healthy supplies for your dog or cat for holistic health care. Natural dog food, cat food, treats, chews, supplements, organic canine feline ... more »

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  • Healthy –
  • Herbal
It's A Pet's Life

The Holistic Pet Food Experts in Minneapolis... more »

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  • Healthy
Black Mountain Herbals LLC

Mountain Herbals - Holistic Skin Care That Is Plant Based and Chemical FreeHolistic Skin Care, Plant Based and Chemical Free.  Therapeutic formulas that target ... more »

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  • Detoxification
Randell Carter Iridology

Holistic Health Services... more »

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  • Health –
  • Herbal Treatment
Integrative Wellness Options, Gay S. Hilton, N.D. & Associates

Integrative Wellness Options - Erie, PA. Holistic Clinic/Practitioners. Complimentary, Alternative Medicine... more »

  • Acupuncturist –
  • Alternative –
  • Alternative Health Care
Holistic Solutions

Donna Edwards offers holistic solutions to your health needs - physical, mental, and emotional. Services include intuitive counseling, Reiki/energy healing, chakra ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Energy –
  • Healing
Only Natural Pet Store

Natural Pet Store - healthy supplies for your dog or cat for holistic health care. Natural dog food, cat food, treats, chews, supplements, organic canine feline ... more »

  • Health –
  • Healthy –
  • Herbal
Purple Mountain Natural Foods

are a family run natural foods store and we're located in Rome, Georgia. We believe that eating healty means eating holistic. We feature gluten-free foods, grass-fed ... more »

  • organic –
  • natural –
  • healthy
Planet Health

Health is a Vitamin and Nutrition store. We specialize in the latest natural and holistic solutions for natural health and energy.   Our staff are here to ... more »

  • health food stores –
  • holistic –
  • alternative medicine

Holistic Vet and Natural Pet Care. This site provides details on holistic care for pets including Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Phone Consultations, ... more »

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  • Holistic –
  • Natural
White Oak Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Naturopathic medicine blends holistic medicine with modern medical science and provides effective treatments for many acute and chronic conditions... more »

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  • Holistic Medicine –
  • Holistic Medicine And Naturopaths
Nutritional Healing Center

 Dr. Lewis Cone employs traditional Natural healing techniques including a broad range of holistic-minded health care, holistic medicine, nutrition, diet therapy, ... more »

  • Alternative Medicine –
  • Herbal Therapy –
  • Holistic
Heidi Snyder - "The Mobile Nutritionist" - I do house calls!!

Hawthorn University a degree granting school for Holistic Nutrition.... more »

  • Health –
  • Holistic –
  • Holistic Medicine And Naturopaths
Mickey's Pet Supplies

Mickey's Pet Supplies - Natural pet store for cats,dogs for natural and organic pet supplies,chews,herbals,homeopathy,supplements & holistic pet products. FREE ... more »

  • Herbal –
  • Herbals –
  • Holistic
Safe Solutions, Inc.

Safe Solutions, environmentally friendly products for nontoxic pest control, sustainable organic gardening, natural detoxification, and holistic health care... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Biodegradable –
  • Detoxification
Plum Blossom Wellness

We hand pick the purest, most effective supplements and personal care products available and provide expert nutritional advice as well as a broad array of holistic ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Holistic –
  • Medicinal Herbs
Homeopathy Encinitas

Homeopathy Encinitas specializes in Classical Homeopathy in (North County) San Diego for natural, alternative, complementary & holistic treatment of difficult chronic ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Healing –
  • Holistic
Inner Radiance Acupuncture

Acupuncture, custom Herbal Rx, & massage. Preventative and holistic medicine in Whitefish Montana. Near Kalispell and Columbia Falls. I want to be your primary ... more »

  • Health –
  • Herb –
  • Holistic
Dr. Nalani

In 7 Steps to Healing and Wellness, Dr. Nalani has effectively fused the ancient Kemetic philosophy of the Kybalion, holistic nutrition and the application of Essential ... more »

  • Healing –
  • Health –
  • Holistic
Joyfully Healthy, LLC

Health and Wellness Programs and ServicesJoyfully Healthy is a wellness office dedicated to holistic health and nutrition counseling.   Holistic Health Services ... more »

  • Alternative Health –
  • Healthy –
  • Healthy Living
Holistic Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions are committed to providing the high quality comprehensive alternative Holistic Medicine, Naturopathy and Natural Health Care. Our philosophy ... more »

  • holistic medicine and naturopaths –
  • natural health care –
  • detoxification
Thrive Magazine

Eco-friendly and holistic health magazine in Hampton Roads, Virginia.... more »

  • Environmental –
  • Healthy Living –
  • Holistic
Health Books Navigator

Your select guide to new, recent or noteworthy books on food, holistic health, nutritional supplementation, enlightened medicine, the environment and the politics ... more »

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  • Health Books –
  • Holistic
Food Therapy

Nutrition Consulting & Wellness Coaching Program: This holistic nutrition program will Transform Your Relationship With Foodâ„¢. You will gain confidence in what ... more »

  • Health –
  • Holistic –
  • Nutrition

Holistic Bulletin is a news blog about wants going on in the holistic world. Bringing you news, views and announcements about holistic health, green living and ... more »

  • Going Green –
  • Green Living –
  • Health
Perk Up! Health Center

Up is a Natural Health Office specializing in science based nutritional counselingPerk Up provides a holistic approach to health by blending science based nutritional ... more »

  • Allnatural –
  • Detoxification –
  • Exercise

Holistic Products

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Natural and Organic Options

and hair care, make up and dental care. Natural household cleaners are offered too. At Natural and Organic Options holistic services, their licensed practitioners ... more »

  • acupuncture –
  • Alternative –
  • Array
Psychotherapy by Carol Damonth

or covered over only to be worn back to that incorruptible spot of grace at our core. Carol Damoth operates in a holistic health paradigm where healing is seen ... more »

  • Healing –
  • Growing –
  • Holistic Health
Basics of a Colonic Basics of a Colonic

hydrotherapy or a high colonic. It is one of the easiest ways to clean up your body and get you back to a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  In general, it is ... more »

  • Health Care –
  • Health –
  • Healthy
Spin Organic Farming

is unbelievable that   you can achieve a commercial level farm in just months. Spin Organic Farming’s holistic and sustainable approach to farming ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Business –
  • Commercial
Ecofriendly Community Farm

and these are: access to land, support resources, reliable and scalable markets, community with mentorship, and a holistic support system. Some of their goals ... more »

  • Agricultural –
  • Agriculture –
  • Association
Mind-Solution Eco Hypnoses

promote balance of the mind and body system, Holistic Healing Solutions bids cutting-edge technology. Mind-Solution Eco Hypnoses can be utilized in countless ways ... more »

  • Array –
  • Eco –
  • Group
Upper Meadows Organic Farm

Meadows Organic Farm has been dedicated to sustainable holistic agriculture. They Joining the Certified Organic community in 1991, they have maintained their certification ... more »

  • Agricultural –
  • Apple –
  • Certified
Natural Therapies Iridology Service

level that is not available in any different way. The iridologist's services are an important element in a complete holistic health care program. The iris represents ... more »

  • Efficient –
  • Health –
  • Health Care
Servello Organic Sandalwood & Lavender Mineral Bath Soak Servello Organic Sandalwood & Lavender Mineral Bath Soak

is to help bring you All Natural Skin Care. We believe our products has the capability to bring you a healthy Holistic Care life. Indeed, our Aromatherapy ... more »

  • Environmentally Friendly Skin Care –
  • Fresh Organic Ingredients –
  • Natural Ingredients
Holistic Therapy Massages Holistic Therapy Massages

are massage sessions available right here in Sarasota. Healing sessions and Holistic Therapy Massages are also in Palmetto. I am a massage therapist for over a ... more »

  • Certified Organic Massage –
  • Massage –
  • Holistic
Eco-friendly Pawprints of Richmond Eco-friendly Pawprints of Richmond

people explore options to improve and maintain their own health and that of their lovely pets through nutrition and holistic alternatives. Eco-Friendly Pawprints ... more »

  • Sustainable Products –
  • Sustainable Products –
  • Animal

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