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Green Path Organic Landcare

Green Path Organic Landcare is accredited by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) and we use only sustainable materials and products that are allowed ... more »

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  • farming supplies
Green Idea, Inc.

Green Idea, Inc. enjoys a mission to satisfy its valued customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring that high quality organic approved, non toxic and low ... more »

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  • farming supplies
The Environmental Factor Inc.

Organic lawn care service and organic lawn and garden products by The Environmental Factor including all natural weed and grub control and nematodes.... more »

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Garden Supply Inc.

Garden Supply, Inc. offer sustainable products that are designed for space saving and stacking containers in all imaginable sizes to fit every requirement. We are ... more »

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  • hydroponics
WNR-World Natural Resources

WNR-World Natural Resources is an Animal Waste Management OrginizationWNR develops technology & processes to resolve the global issues of animal waste and to additionally ... more »

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  • Energy

AgNatural provides everything you need for a successful eco-friendly garden. We carry organic potting soils, rock wool, hydroton, reservoirs, trays, row lights, ... more »

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  • certified organic farm
Greenways Environmental, LLC

Greenways Environmental, LLC, is been researching and developing sustainable soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western ... more »

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  • recycling
Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC

Green Earth Lawn & Landscape, LLC are dedicated to sustainable quality service and care of your landscaping needs. We take the Green methods to landscaping. ... more »

  • gardening
Bamboo Ecoline

BAMBOO ECOLINE offers biodegradable, sustainable flower pots, pet pots made from bamboo powder, grain husk, crop stalk and natural binding agents. These eco-friendly ... more »

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  • wholesaler –
  • garden
Bio Green

Bio Green is Natural and Environmentally Safe liquid Fertilizer. We have a lawn and landscape spraying service and wholesale distributorship, based out of Tacoma ... more »

  • gardening
AJ Southwest

AJ Southwest is been providing all-natural services to homeowners and businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth. We were the primary company in the area to provide both organic ... more »

  • gardening –
  • sustainable agriculture –
  • organic pest control
Westwind Gardens

Westwind Gardens is an Organic and Sustainable Garden. We are believers of organic and sustainable gardening and that is the main drives for us to strive to produce ... more »

  • gardening

ComposTumbler is the World's Best-Selling and Best-Designed Rotating Bin Composter. Give your soil a boost on next year by adding all those yard and garden leftovers ... more »

  • gardening
Natural Resources Group, Inc.

Organic fertilizerFounded in 1980, our company has striven to introduce the conventional fertilizer of tomorrow highly efficient organic based products that preserve ... more »

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  • Organic Manufacturer
Paradise Lawns

Paradise Lawns is your premier organic lawn care provider in the Omaha and surrounding area during the growing season.  In the winter months we are your complete ... more »

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  • organic pest control –
  • organic fertilizer
American Organic Seed

American Organic develops and markets products which promote organic & sustainable agriculture. We take a no-nonsense approach to doing business, and partner ... more »

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  • certified organic

Access Hydroponic is a fat growing distributor of sustainable hydroponic and indoor gardening supplies and equipment. Our initial focus is to provide our customers ... more »

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  • grow lights
Worm Power

Worm Power - Worm Castings / Vermicompost / Organic FertilizerWorm Power is one of the nations largest Worm Casting production facilities. Our process controlled ... more »

  • Gardening
Harlequin's Gardens Nursery

nursery specializing in natives,perennials, xeriscape, organic veggie starts, organic compost/mulchSustainable nursery specializing in plants adapted to Colorado: ... more »

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  • Gardening

Organic Compost Tumbler

Compost tumbler made from 100% recycled materials, free shipping! World's best compost tumbler.... more »

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  • Compost Tumbler

Organic Compost Products

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Organic Worm Power Fertilizer - 3pound Bag Organic Worm Power Fertilizer - 3pound Bag

it increases soil fertility and improves germination, plant vigor, root growth, and nutrient availability. This organic compost is an excellent, all natural organic ... more »

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  • Organic Compost –
  • Organic Fertilizer
Organic Azomite Organic Azomite

Organic Azomite is a mined organic product containing a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements excellent for re-mineralizing soils, improving plant health ... more »

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  • Organic Products
Organic lawn care

We offer two organic lawn care programs depending on your expectations and level of service you require. Our programs include a natural pre-emergent to help prevent ... more »

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  • Organic Compost –
  • Natural Organic
Eco Red Worms Eco Red Worms

These wide range of eco red worms (Eisenia fetida) are for sure the best composting Earthworms. Under the most ideal conditions, they are able to eat up to one ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Eco Compost –
  • Compostable
Vermicomposting Vermicomposting

Not many people have heard of this great eco friendly gardening technique. Vermicomposting is a cold composting process below ninety degrees, called Mesophilic ... more »

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  • Eco Compost –
  • Compostable
DIY Compost DIY Compost

At Growing Power, our aim is to give guidance to our community about growing their own healthy food in the backyard.  We believe one of the best fertilisers ... more »

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  • Composting –
  • Organic Compost
Basics of Vermicomposting Basics of Vermicomposting

One of the things we encourage every amateur gardener to try doing here at Organic Rainbow is to start their very own Vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a process ... more »

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  • Worm Farm –
  • Gardening
Eco-friendly Organic Feeder Pak Eco-friendly Organic Feeder Pak

Eco-friendly Organic Feeder Pak is 100% biodegradable packets containing organic fertilizer. These environmentally safe, synthetic-replacing packets are the most ... more »

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  • Organic Produce –
  • Organic Products
Compost and Vermiculture Bins Compost and Vermiculture Bins

Because of our great, progressive city, we are now able to place our food scraps into the yard waste into compost and vermiculture bins, and have it hauled ... more »

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  • Compost Bins
Nature's Nursing Composting Nature's Nursing Composting

The average New York City household discards two pounds of organic waste every single day, which sums up to more than 1 million tons of organic material annually, ... more »

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  • Eco Compost –
  • Composter
Organic Pacific Gold Mustard Organic Pacific Gold Mustard

Organic Pacific Gold Mustard has the highest level of active glucosinolate chemical found, which are biologically active against insects, nematodes and fungal pathogens, ... more »

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  • Organic Herbs

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