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Aggrand Organic fertilizers

or crops. The foliar feeding with AGGRAND products is up to 20 times more effective than applying amendments to the soil. The keys to boosting the results when ... more »

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  • vegetables
Green Path Organic Landcare

and products that are allowed in organic food production. All our organic maintenance programs start with annual soil testing to ensure appropriate applications. ... more »

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  • farming supplies

Bio Green

It is a complete nutritional fertilizer that provides all the macro and micro nutrients that plants need, and feeds the soil to stimulate the soil biology that ... more »

  • gardening
Full Circle Plant & Soil Food

The organic, super-concentrated plant food and soil builder for food crops, turf grass, ornamentals, trees and shrubs... more »

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Westbridge manufactures and sells plant growth regulators, biostimulants, organic fertilizers under the names of Soil TRIGGRR, Foliar TRIGGRR, Organic TRIGGRR, ... more »

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Roots to Shoots

Ecological Landscaping: Eco-Friendly, Organic Garden and Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance. Plant and Tree Health Care. Soil Testing. Native and Wildlife ... more »

  • Botanical –
  • Compost –
  • Ecological
The Compost Farm

Soil is a superior organic growing media for fruits, vegetables and herbs.Royal Soil is made from horse manure, pine shavings and distillery by-products. This "sour ... more »

  • Alternative –
  • Botanical –
  • Compost
Home Harvest Garden Supply

Gardening, greenhouse, nursery and hydroponic garden supplies including plant food & fertilizers, plant pest & disease controls, hydroponics, grow lights, ... more »

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  • Gardening
Greenways Environmental, LLC

Environmental, LLC, is been researching and developing sustainable soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western United ... more »

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  • recycling
Life's A Garden, LLC

offer soil to leaf landscape installation and regularly-scheduled landscape management services. We specialize in urbanite and other reclaimed materials, rainwater ... more »

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  • Graywater
Cape Cod Worm Farm

Worms,Organic soils and Organic fertilizers for boosting soil improvement in lawns, gardens and plants naturally. Always organic and nontoxic... more »

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  • Earthworms –
  • Farming Supplies
OxyWave Environmental Services, Inc.

OPEN ALL Soil Conditioner and Natures Best Organic Fish Fertilizer. Treats problem soils like clay and adobe. Normalizes pH.... more »

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  • Flowers –
  • Garden
Tamiyasu Orchards, Inc.

pest management to minimize any chemical or pesticide use. We also utilize cover crops for green mulch. This enhances our soil naturally and allows us to produce ... more »

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  • produce fruits –
  • fruits
wormtec worm farming and vermiculture

Producer of Natural Organic Fertilisers and Worm Derived Soil Improvers for Agriculture or Home Gardens Application... more »

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  • Environmentally Friendly –
  • Gardening
Heart & Soil film, Skydancer Productions LLC

Heart & Soil - A documentary film about the food we eat and where it grows... more »

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  • Organic Food
Gardens To Gro

holders. If you live in San Diego County, Gardens to Gro can deliver, assemble, and plant your garden. We provide rich soil mixed with worm castings and mineral ... more »

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  • Soil
American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc

Transactions Environmental Risk Assessments Subsurface Investigations Remedial Design & Remedial Action Air Stripping & Soil Vapor Extraction Contaminated Soil ... more »

  • Cleanup –
  • Environmental –
  • Soil
Green Idea, Inc.

Green Idea, Inc. enjoys a mission to satisfy its valued customers’ needs and expectations by ensuring that high quality organic approved, non toxic and low ... more »

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  • farming supplies
Turner Farm

We are a Community Supported Agriculture group and we producers of fresh vegetables and fruit along with free range meat and eggs. All our farming methods are sustainable ... more »

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  • produce fruits –
  • organic dairy
WNR-World Natural Resources

WNR-World Natural Resources is an Animal Waste Management OrginizationWNR develops technology & processes to resolve the global issues of animal waste and to additionally ... more »

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  • Biomass –
  • Energy
Earthkeeper Farm

Earthkeeper Farm established in 2008 with the help of family and friends. We set out to build an organic farm that would reconnect people with the earth, nurture ... more »

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  • produce fruits

Sustainable Table celebrates the sustainable food movement, educates consumers on food-related issues and works to build community through food.... more »

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  • Biotech
VermiTechnology Unlimited

Vermitechnology Unlimited manufactures Pure Black Castings(tm) and many registered organic fertilizers derived from Black Castings.... more »

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  • Earth –
  • Fertilizer
Fertile Earth Foundation

Fertile Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and supporting environmental research... more »

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  • Botanical –
  • Compost

Heirloom, untreated, open-pollinated seeds, supplies, books, and Grow Biointensive publications for sustainable gardening.... more »

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  • Gardening

Cedar Grove Composting is part of a family-owned 250-employee enterprise with roots in the waste management business going back to 1938. As the Pacific Northwest's ... more »

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  • Fertilizer
Pharm Solutions, Inc.

Pharm Solutions Inc. Home :: World's First USDA Certified Organic Pesticides. Pharm Solutions Inc. has announced seven of its pesticides have achieved USDA National ... more »

  • Certified Organic –
  • Compost –
  • Environment
Midwest Bio-Systems, Inc.

Midwest Bio-Systems, Inc., manufactures compost turners and equipment, and provides microbial inoculants, best ractices training workshops, and client service, ... more »

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  • Farming –
  • Mulch
Teltane Farm

lookfar connections, ecovillage institute, lookfar productions, ecological design and engineering, sustainable wastewater treatment, renewable energy, agriculture ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Ecological –
  • Ecovillage
Heirloom Seeds

Non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds for sale. Your best source for heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom flower seeds and heirloom herb seeds. Free weekly ... more »

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  • Flowers

Soil Products

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Earthkeeper Organic Farm

to create balanced between the environment and the community.  Keeping pests and insects from penetrating the farm soil is one of their goals. Few key elements ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Community –
  • Elements
Green Idea Fertilizers and Insecticides

and Insecticides is one of the premiere manufacturers of high quality organic, non toxic and environmentally friendly soil fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. ... more »

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  • Organic Products –
  • Flying
Northland Organic

helping the environment in one way or another through livelihood contribution in the neighborhood farm and keeping the soil and environment free from toxic chemicals. ... more »

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  • Beauty –
  • Certified
Green Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services

Path 100% Organic Lawn Care Services recondition the soil and completely eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides to provide a beautiful lawn that is safe ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Organic Farming –
  • Pest Control
Turner Organic Farm

bio-diverse organic foods. They use Fertilizer and natural plant-based supplements to help create and maintain healthy soil and plant life. They combines pest management ... more »

  • Agricultural –
  • Certified –
  • Certified Organic
Organic Mulches

Mulches will moderate soil moisture evaporation. It will hold back weeds and avoid weed germination; mulches will protect soil from extreme temperature changes. ... more »

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  • Garden –
  • Landscaping
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic

offer the best familiar spring, summer and fall vegetables and many rare varieties. Their farming practices build the soil and provide habitat for wildlife including ... more »

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  • Certified Organic –
  • Farm
Eco friendly BioGreen Fertilization Services

Fertilization Services specifically designated for such. A technology that would bring the natural components of the soil can also be availed at their company. ... more »

  • Bio –
  • Chemicals –
  • Control
Groundswell Organic Farm

save mother earth. All fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of harmful pesticides so that the quality of the soil is preserved. When working at the farm, ... more »

  • Harvesting –
  • Heat –
  • Organic
Trautman Organic Farm

don't allow artificial breeding of animals. No toxic chemicals, hormones or steroids are introduced to the farm. The farm soil is rich in natural fertilizers such ... more »

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  • Certified Organic –
  • Organic
Organic Landscape Products Organic Landscape Products

fact organic, and nothing else. The truth is, sustainable landscapes need to be in only in nutrient-rich and disease-free soil environments. Hence, what you invest ... more »

  • Sustainable Agriculture –
  • Plant Pots –
  • Plants
Organic Agriculture

Farm and Yoga is inspired to build a foundation where people gather to work and give back to the soil and land. To distribute healthy, beautiful, and chemical free, ... more »

  • Agriculture –
  • Art –
  • Biodiversity
Organic Freshest Fruits

integrative pest management to minimize any pesticides use. They utilize cover crops for green mulch and to enhance the soil... more »

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  • Certified Organic –
  • Distribution
Humic and Fulvic Acid Products Humic and Fulvic Acid Products

substances, including humic acid and fulvic acid, are a crucial primary step for the addition of soil sustainability. This is why we have formulated a range of ... more »

  • Soil Protection –
  • Organic Farming –
  • Acid Green
Eco Deck and Rail

grid system redirects water that tries to escape out the sides of the pot into the water reservoir, where tubes of soil rest to innately wick the moisture up as ... more »

  • Drains –
  • Eco –
  • Eco Deck

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