Composting Companies

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Green Culture

Comprehensive selection of composters and compost bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, recycling tools, water saving devices, rainbarrels and ecological yard and ... more »

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  • Compost Bin

Comprehensive selection of composters and compost bins, worm (vermiculture) systems, recycling tools, water saving devices, rainbarrels and ecological yard and ... more »

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  • Compost Bin

Tree Hugers

companies have been chosen.   Tree Huggers carries a wide selection of clothing, cleaning supplies, bags, toys, books, composting supplies and much much more. We ... more »

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  • Earth
Compost Heaven

Tips and techniques to make compost quick and easy, and fixes for all composting problems. How to's for bins, tumblers, barrels, heaps and piles....... more »

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  • Gardening
Fertile Earth Foundation

Fertile Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and supporting environmental research... more »

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  • Compost
Saving The Planet One Event At A Time

Special E rescues leftover food, flowers, recyclables, supplies, etc. from meetings, parties, weddings, and special events, then repurposes them in ways that benefit ... more »

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  • Compost
Green Chamber of Commerce Las Vegas Chapter

The Green Chamber of Commerce represents the NEW voice of commerce, one that can envision the future - a future where businesses work to protect our planet. The ... more »

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  • Biofuel
BIOgroupUSA (BioBag)

BioBag is the World's largest selling brand of certified, 100% biodegradable bags and films.... more »

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  • environmentally friendly
Greenways Environmental, LLC

Greenways Environmental, LLC, is been researching and developing sustainable soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western ... more »

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  • gardening –
  • recycling
Busy As A Beazer- Organizing Your Space, Inside and Out!

Your one-stop Green Organizational Service. I can organize your files, your living space or your community beautification project. tools for sustainable living ... more »

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  • Feng Shui
F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods & Supplies

F.W. Horch Sustainable Goods and Supplies provides practical products for sustainable living, including composting, gardening, household supplies, home improvement, ... more »

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  • Energy Efficiency

Recyclaholics - Your one stop shop for biodegradable/compostable packaging products.Recyclaholics was started with one goal in mind: To protect our air, water, ... more »

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  • Compostable
The Organic View Radio Show

The truth about organics, the environment, politics, living green and sustainability.... more »

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  • Environment

GreenPacks is your daily dose of environment news, from green automobiles, to pollution and politics... more »

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  • Climate Change
Eco Friendly Products & Services

EcoFriendly Products Online,TurfPro,TurfProUSA,Dog Urine Spots,Organic Fertilizer,humate,humic acid,EZ Flow,MegaGreen,OrchidPro,AgriPro Dry... more »

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  • Humic Acid
Cape Cod Worm Farm

Worms,Organic soils and Organic fertilizers for boosting soil improvement in lawns, gardens and plants naturally. Always organic and nontoxic... more »

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  • Farming Supplies
Green Man Enviroscaping LLC

Natural landscape design, installation, and maintenance services, specializing in woodlands, meadows, and edible forests.... more »

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  • Gardening

ComposTumbler is the World's Best-Selling and Best-Designed Rotating Bin Composter. Give your soil a boost on next year by adding all those yard and garden leftovers ... more »

  • gardening
Greater Goods

Greater Goods is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly living. From energy-saving light bulbs to BPA-free water bottles, we have greener, healthier versions of the ... more »

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  • Energysaving

Brew your own Aerobic Compost Tea - Build a great looking organic garden with the most effective, easy to use soil amendment available.... more »

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  • Garden

Large home gardening site with tons of information on all aspects of home gardening. Check it out!.... more »

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  • Gardening
The Happy Gardener, Inc.

The Happy Gardener encourages environmentally-conscious gardening through our organic products, educational demos and business opportunities.... more »

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  • Gardening
Composter Mart

ComposterMart the number one stop for great deals on composters, compost bins, compost tumblers, barrels, accelerants and rain saving products. Search our extensive ... more »

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  • Gardening
Vital Resource Management

Waste water and waste re-use programs. Waste water Pre-Treatment, odour and septicity reduction, waste fermentation and re-use programs based on techniques using ... more »

  • Composting –
  • Environmentally Friendly –
  • Gardening
Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm

Worms,organic soil,vermiculture,composting & breeding supplies,from Yelm Earthworm & Castings Farm... more »

  • Certified Organic –
  • Composting –
  • Earthworms
Schundler Company, The

Over 65 pages about the horticultural uses of perlite and vermiculite with hyperlinks to Perlite Plant Guides and additional articles about gardening and landscaping ... more »

  • Composting –
  • Gardening –
  • Gardens
Planet Natural

Your online garden supply store offering organic fertilizers, natural pest control, organic gardening equipment and more.... more »

  • Air Purification –
  • Composting –
  • Gardening
Giannangelo Farms Southwest

What you need to know to grow a pest-resistant organic garden and how to make it sustainable over time... more »

  • Composting –
  • Garden Design –
  • Garden Supplies
Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply Company offers a selection of innovative gardening tools, supplies & gardening advice from compost to harvest. Shop quality composters, self ... more »

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  • Garden Tools –
  • Gardening
Green and Greener

Eco-living general store and design center offering a range of green products and services to help homeowners, businesses and contractors live, work and build greener. ... more »

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  • Bamboo Flooring –
  • Composting

Composting Products

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DIY Compost DIY Compost

like bread, dairy, or meat products to be included in the compost. The product of Vermicomposting - that is, intensive composting in boxes with worms - is also ... more »

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  • Organic Compost
Nature's Nursing Composting Nature's Nursing Composting

which sums up to more than 1 million tons of organic material annually, hence the importance of Nature's Nursing Composting services. One million tons annually ... more »

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  • Eco Compost –
  • Composter
Eco Garden Composting

Garden Composting is a product that started a revolutionary new way to make compost nearly 40 years ago and it is easy to load. This product has the largest capacity ... more »

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  • Composting –
  • Garden
Basics of Vermicomposting Basics of Vermicomposting

One of the things we encourage every amateur gardener to try doing here at Organic Rainbow is to start their very own Vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a process ... more »

  • Compost –
  • Worm Farm –
  • Gardening
Compost and Vermiculture Bins Compost and Vermiculture Bins

Because of our great, progressive city, we are now able to place our food scraps into the yard waste into compost and vermiculture bins, and have it hauled ... more »

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  • Compost Bins

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